About Ministry

Ministry band

For the first time ever, I'm sharing the secrets of Ministry tones with the world

The sound of Ministry has defined industrial music for four decades.

We like it heavy and always pushing the envelope, always evolving -- from the early days of heavy synth-pop to a harsh, stylized sound.

Now, for the first time ever you can wield the sounds spanning our career!

We've partnered with an acclaimed guitar pedal builder to harness our tones

My goal is to bring you the classic tones from seminal eras of Ministry.

These are time capsule pedals, built to unlock the classic tones that have defined our journey.

"Mind" is our first pedal, encapsulating the 'Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste' sound

Our first release, Mind pedal, is a 2-in-1 overdrive and amp.

To honor this acclaimed era, I've entrusted this project with one of the best audio engineers in the game and worked with them every step of the way to gets this dialed in to perfection!

I can't wait for you to try this fucker out.

~ Al Jourgensen

Ministry band playing on stage