Mind by Ministry

Mind is the first-ever pedal by Ministry: it's a 2-in-1 overdrive and amp, custom built and stage-ready. Ships with a signed Certificate of Authenticity

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More than 1 year in the making with Al, Cesar and Monte

Designed, built and guitar-tested in the EU

This is high-end audio gear made for studio and stage

Each pedal ships with a Certificate of Authenticity personally signed and numbered by Al Jourgensen.

The OD section works as a pre-distortion EQ control and booster. It works perfectly with the Preamp section of this pedal as well as with any other amp.

Our recommendation: take your time to test and feel how it effects your amp’s behavior.

The Overdrive section has three powerful controls: Drive, OD Volume and Tone.

The Amp side is an original circuit developed with analog technology to emulate Ministry's amp tones.

As a bonus, we added a special toggle switch that adds more push and attack.

It is called TASTE and it changes the voicing of preamp to a more aggressive, more distorted tone reminiscent of The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste album.



Explore the tone
Ministry Mind Guitar Pedal - Official Demo With Cesar Soto

The Low Down

Mind by Ministry is hand-built and guitar-tested in the EU and ships worldwide.

It's built to last from highest quality audio components and is studio-and-stage ready.